Learn the SECRETS for getting shots on your target quickly & accurately. This training book is a MUST buy. Learn about the importance of your grip and using point shooting to get fast, accurate shots on target in an armed encounter. Training Book illustrating R.E.A.L. Defense Training Book Research Based Effective Armed Techniques For Life Threatening Situations “A training system for the private citizen and law enforcement.” R.E.A.L. DEFENSIVE SHOOTING SYSTEM Detailed photo illustrations on: *Grip *Stance *Draw *Point shooting *Tunnel vision response *Complete handgun/shotgun shooting courses with course target layout diagrams *Pre-Test/ Post-Test evaluation courses Research and Concepts to support: *Grip/Stance *Point Shooting/Front Sight Shooting Techniques *Close Quarter Battle/Ground Fighting *Multiple Shots For Stopping Power/One-Hand Shooting Researched topics: *Accurate Head Shots * “Kill Zone” Body Shots *Multiple Attackers *Real Life Shooting Distances *Bullet Effectiveness *Bullet Size/Caliber Vs. Accuracy *Use Of Multi Threat Level Holsters *PASS FAIL Qualification Flaws *Laser Sights Vs. Iron Sights *Tactical Movement *Loading/Malfunctions *Use Of Speed, Accuracy, Movement And Stress (S.A.M.S.) Training Principles *And Much More

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