3 Gun Match Results – Nov 30 2013

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Congrats to JR Webb taking the $50 prize. You can pick up your check at Cherokee Firearms after Wednesday, the next match, or contact Matt Canovi directly. There was only 0.003 hit factor difference between first and second place (John Coats).

Hit Factor is total points – penalties / time. Lowers HF wins. Without adjusting time, John lost by one point.

Attached are the results to the match. Match Results 30Nov13 RSO’s are in red and are shown just for comparison.


Match Winner ($50) – JR Webb

Least Points down (pat yourself on the back) – TJ Kane (1 point missed out of 170 possible)

Most Improved 1st to 2nd run (pat yourself on the back) – Noah Webb

Learning Points:

Relax. Matches are designed to put you under stress. Managing your stress will help you perform better. Learn to manipulate your firearms. There were several instances of shooters trying to fire a safe weapon or fumbling to eject a magazine. Also, there were a few instances of people not fully seating their magazines. Tap, Rack, Bang. Get quicker at recognizing good shots. Several people did “make up” shots on targets that were already zero points down.

Tentatively, the next match will be the last Saturday in December. It will have more stages that will be shorter and the overall round count will go up. We will likely run both an AM and PM relay like yesterday. As Matt Canovi mentioned, we are going to grow this. Please drag your friends out to support it. If anyone has items they wish to donate to the range to make the match better please let me know. matt@arestactical.net

For those with videos I will try and get them posted on google drive for you to download. I live at the end of the Internet and it took about 1hr 45min to upload the clip to youtube. I had faster Internet in Afghanistan.


For those that did not get to watch my run at the end of the day you can see it on YouTube.

Please make sure you like the American Defense Academy Facebook page.

My Ares Tactical facebook page.

Thank you all the came out to the match.

Matthew Facas
Match Director


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