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Tactical/Practical Defense Handgun Training

FBI Fact - Handguns are most frequently used.

Question: Will this course teach me how to use a handgun to win a gunfight?

Answer: Yes
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Home Defense Handgun Training

FBI Fact - Most shootings occurred very quickly and at close range.

Question: Will this course teach me how to win a gunfight under ten feet between 2.5 and 3.5 seconds?

Answer: Yes
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Home Defense Rifle Training

Law Enforcement Research Fact - Multiple torso hits and head shots are required to stop an assailant.

Question: Will this course teach me how to deliver multiple torso hits and head shots?

Answer: Yes

CANOVI AND ASSOCIATES, L.L.C. provides the concerned citizen with practical defensive shooting programs based on research, fact, and common sense; not hearsay, rumor, and folklore.

We develop all our training "...from the street up - for your survival."




Help build a better America by promoting the Christian values of honest effort and commitment.

Provide a facility to help people learn to protect themselves as well as their families, and promote safe shooting sports activities in a family friendly environment, Law Enforcement and Pro-Second Amendment groups and organizations.


After all, if a criminal is too lazy to get a regular job, any additional barrier could cause just enough effort to deter him or her. Obviously, the taller the fence the better; however, wooden fences can provide a criminal with a hiding place from which to launch their attack from both sides of the fence. Wooden fences also prevent neighbors, passersby or even police patrol units from looking into areas surrounding your home.

Spot lights are the best. They should illuminate the front, back and both sides of your house. There should be no dark or shadowy areas, where a criminal could hide. Motions sensor activated lights are more desirable, since they only turn on, when the sensors detect activity, so they are less disturbing to neighbors and require less electricity.

Cut out or shorten bushes, trees and shrubs near your house. Tall bushes and shrubs, in close proximity to your house, provide an easy hiding place for criminals, from which they have quick and easy access to you and your family, while leaving or entering your home. This not only gives a criminal the opportunity to harm you, but it can also provide them with access into your home, where they have additional opportunities to harm the rest of your family.

They’re a great deterrent to break-ins. Posting alarm system signs in the yard and/or on windows can cause a potential burglar to avoid your house and move to down the street to find another opportunity. They can also scare off a burglar, after they attempt entry, and the audible alarm begins sounding.

Start with security doors and frames at all exterior entry/exit points; however, never install any physical security barriers or devices on your residence which will inhibit or prevent you or your family from a quick escape in an emergency, and make sure they all comply with local fire codes.